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Longcham Pliage folding package customization service is also full of surprises, first of all you can choose six different package type: from delicate purse, Sac Longchamp cosmetic bag to classic skillet or short handle handbag, even to the bag, the selected package type After, you can then select the color and the middle portion of the main bag body bold hit color (15 colors optional), and finally in the form of the letter can be embroidered or embossed engraved in the package body, make you more distinctive folding bag You can even create a unique travel packages. sac a main longchamp pliage pas cher France Printemps Printemps sign with French elegance, famous leather goods brand Longchamp join hands to celebrate the festival.
With its central location store has become an ideal place for the guests presented Longchamp brand creative process. Longchamp Soldes launched an exclusive color and style of the French department store Printemps Le Pliage cuir spring handbag Longchamp France Printemps Printemps will launch two series of exclusive handbag color and style, Sac Longchamp pas cher presents four shades of Le Pliage cuir handbags and five colors The handbag.
From classic wild section of the package and then folded with the star, fashion designer limited edition package shall cooperate, Longchamp in the transformation of several decades to see, it is like a butterfly carrying imagination, we intend to continue to bring unexpected surprise. French brand Longchamp, founded in 1948, Sac de voyage Longchamp after 60 years of hard work hard work, has become a high-level assurance. People from cheap nylon bag into the atmosphere of luxury commuter bag, fashion limited edition package shall then cooperation from wild classic folding bag models and stars, Sac Longchamp Soldes designers, Longchamp in the transformation of several decades to see, it's like carrying a butterfly imagination, continue to bring us an unexpected surprise.
In posters Fashion Network, Longchamp also with exquisite workmanship, gem colors and excellent usability BaoYou been praised. Longchamp successfully Le Pliage nylon folding bag is not accidental, which originated in the Japanese art of origami clever principle, regardless of the size of the size, just have to be lightweight, foldable. Longchamp Le Pliage folding bag style rich, colorful, and because it is easy match, so sought after by fans from all over the world. 2012 autumn and winter, Longchamp Le Pliage bag reproducing new models - luxury exotic wind, sexy tiger stripes, Sac Longchamp Pliage pas cher ostrich pattern, crocodile, Seiko printing on delicate velvet and canvas, lifelike.
Longchamp is rendered as an international brand. sac a main longchamp pliage It provides a series of handbags, clothing and footwear for women around the world. It Longchamp woman playing a positive, urbanization, dynamic image; and is a progressive woman. Traceable brand history, Longchamp brand was born from the dynamic, sac longchamp cuir noir which is named after the famous racetrack, sac longchamp cuir noir pas cher speeding racing icon is widely recognized. In the past 60 years, from the overlying skin pipe to small leather goods, to handbags, and from the handbag into the fashion industry, include the shoes, accessories and clothing, Longchamp has been changing with the times change, Sac de voyage Longchamp pas cher the creative development of Longchamp but also reflects the cross-age products, such as frequent cooperation Le Pliage and avant-garde artists, designers.